Low voltage innovations for smart grids

Why do low voltage grids need to become “intelligent” ?

Grid operators have to face several new challenges:
• To facilitate the integration of decentralised production of electricity.
• To anticipate operating failures and to secure the power supply.
• To offer the customer a greater choice of services by promoting their participation in optimising the grid.
• To reduce the environmental impact of the electrical system in its entirety.
• To optimise the necessary reinforcements of the grid.
In this new environment, all of the LV grid is only minimally monitored, if at all. Real-time analysis of the all the electrical flows in each grid circuit is necessary.

The issue of integrating renewable energy in low voltage grids

With centralised production, current and cable sections decrease from the point of production towards the final customer.
• With decentralised production, currents are multi-directional depending on demand and production.
• In the event of surplus production, the grid may be insufficiently sized to take these new levels of current.
• Reinforcing the grid, sometimes for a few hours of stress per year.

New solutions


Energy storage

This helps to shift consumption to improve the local consumption/production balance at district level by:

• Reducing current in electric cables.
• Avoiding the need for reinforcement work
• Stabilising the voltage and frequency of the grid.
This also allows to manage a district in 'islanding' mode, a mode which is autonomous and isolated from the mains grid with its own means of PV production and storage.

Low voltage monitoring

This measures and monitors the electrical grid by:
• Detecting any grid constraints.
• Sending alerts in real time.
• Analysing and communicating energy data.

SOCOMEC's expertise in Smart Grids
For more than forty years, SOCOMEC has been developing UPS and solar inverters.
This power conversion expertise has naturally led the company towards developing energy storage solutions.

In addition, SOCOMEC's long experience in electrical measurement, monitoring and analysis has enabled the launch of the new DIRIS Digiware concept specifically designed for multi-circuit measurements.
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