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04/07/2018 Socomec Launches ‘ALWAYS ON’ Brand campaign to Strengthen its Market Leading Position in the Transfer Switching Industry

Socomec, a leading global manufacturer of power control, availability and safety equipment, announced the launch of ALWAYS ON brand campaign in India, to drive energy availability and efficiency through its Transfer Switching Equipments (TSE). The company has over 96 years of experience in designing and producing TSE that helps keep customers’ power Always On with reliability, safety, in a cost-effective manner.

13/06/2017 Socomec joins CEA Tech for Industry 4.0

SOCOMEC joins the CEA’s FFLOR (Future Factory @ Lorraine) platform located at the PSA Group’s plant in Trémery-Metz (Moselle), showing its intention to take part in the new generation of Industry 4.0.

02/05/2017 Power-Up: Socomec’s increased power factor delivers 12% more active power, in a proven and robust solution.

Socomec’s Delphys MP Elite+, from 80 to 200 kVA, is now available with an increased power factor of PF0.9 – for 12% more active power.

01/03/2017 Huttenheim manufacturing site obtains ISO 50001 certification

The Socomec Group’s manufacturing site in Huttenheim (Alsace) has obtained ISO 50001 certification for its energy efficiency management system. Objective: to reduce the site’s energy consumption and its greenhouse gas emissions.

28/02/2017 COUNTIS E: communicate via Ethernet with Socomec's new energy metres

Multiple communications, MID measurements, compactness, higher-charge currents...When looking at the entire range of COUNTIS E smart metres currently offered by Socomec, it is clear that wide-scope performance goes hand in hand with easy use.

27/01/2017 Socomec joins the European “Interflex” project

Socomec has joined the European consortium Interflex, furthering its participation in the development of tomorrow’s smart grids.

23/01/2017 Review of the energy storage situation

What is the situation regarding the crucial question of energy storage? The answer was provided during a conference held at Socomec, organised by the Energy Environment Technical Association (ATEE) of Alsace.

16/01/2017 Socomec Li-Ion UPS technology at JSR Micro N.V.

The Li-Ion Capacitor UPS – Socomec’s innovative lithium-ion capacitor-based UPS solution - protects JSR Micro N.V.’s chemical process installation and compressed air production system from frequent outages.