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NICE GRID project

Socomec awarded by Automazione Italiana

Socomec received “a special tribute for the level of innovation, sustainability and utility reached“ from the Italian magazine “Automazione Italiana”, specialized in software and component for industrial automation.

Socomec was nominated for the energy storage solution deployed within the Nice Grid project. The project, the solution in container on grid and the islanding has been presented to the jury.

The award has been given to Eliseo TISO and Marco DE VICARI, main contributor from the team developing the energy storage solution.

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NICE GRID project

Successful islanding for 5h

Pioneering energy storage system successfully supports district isolated from mains electricity for a record 5 hours, without interruption to consumers.

In disconnected or “islanded” mode, clients continue to be supplied via Socomec’s PCS²’s energy storage system and photovoltaic production. The disconnection may be scheduled, in order to reduce load on the main power grid, or unforeseen, due to a power cut.
Socomec’s “network islanding” solution is based on the SUNSYS PCS² power conversion and storage control and command system which manages the disconnection and reconnection of the district to the mains supply.

When operating in islanded mode, the SUNSYS PCS² systems manage the voltage and frequency of the low voltage network. When PV generation is greater than consumption, the batteries recharge, thus extending the islanding period.

NICE GRID project

One district's successful islanding tests

SUNSYS PCS² energy storage converters are the key elements of the innovation that is the "network islanding" function of the NICE GRID demonstrator. These units can independently supply any low-voltage area, using the battery-stored energy and the district's photovoltaic production.
SUNSYS PCS² units manage the disconnection, synchronisation and reconnection of the district to the main ERDF network without any interruption of service for consumers or producers.
After wowing the EDF's teams in their tests carried out on Concept Grid (the trial platform for electric smart grids), SUNSYS PCS² converters have been installed in Carros, near Nice, for use in a real-life situation. In early September, the pilot district of Carros was successfully islanded several times over. 
The next step takes place in October, where islanding will be tested over a longer period (at least 4 hours) at higher consumption rates.

Solution: DIRIS Digiware

A new multi-circuit plug and play measurement and monitoring system

Monitoring a low-voltage distribution network or a commercial building, the DIRIS Digiware system is revolutionising the world of electrical measurement, bringing a high degree of flexibility to installations combined with quick and easy connection and configuration.
The advantages of DIRIS Digiware are numerous:
• Reduce investment by up to 30%
• 4 times faster to install with the plug & play sensor connection
• Centralisation of many functions including display, measuring voltage, auxiliary power…
• Monitor your entire installation from a single module
• High measuring accuracy