Standard IEC / EN 61439

1. What is standard IEC / EN 61439?

IEC / EN 61439 very precisely defines what elements are comprised in "Low voltage switchgear assemblies" as well as the procedures for ensuring specified levels of performance. The inclusion of this standard ensures that the purchaser will receive equipment that complies with the stated requirement.

For a clearer idea:

Guide pratique Norme IEC / EN 61439

> All the steps for producing an assembly that complies with the standard can be found in our "Implementation of standard IEC / EN 61439" guide


2. Socomec products and solutions

Our range of products and services allows professionals working in the electricity sector to implement distribution and control gear assemblies that fully meet market requirements.

As an original manufacturer, Socomec offers solutions that are fully compliant with standard IEC / EN 61439:

• CADRYS Delta modular enclosures
Local safety enclosures and enclosed transfer switch solutions

As a manufacturer of electrical equipment, we provide assembly manufacturers with fully qualified and documented products:

• Load break switches
• Fuse combination switches
• Transfer switches
• Mounting and cabling accessories: enclosures, busbar, etc.


3. Integrating Socomec products in full compliance with standard IEC / EN 61439

Integrating Socomec products:
Download all the relevant product technical data for integrating our products in full conformity to standard IEC/EN 61439:
SIRCO M and MV product data sheet: Universal load break switches
SIRCO product data sheet: Load break switches for power distribution
• ATyS product data sheet: Automatic and remote control transfer switches
• ATyS M product data sheet: Automatic transfer switches
SIRCOVER product data sheet: Manual transfer switches
FUSERBLOC product data sheet: Fuse combination switches
FUSOMAT product data sheet: Visible breaking and tripping fuse switches
corpo_350_a_160x145.JPG Get your products tested:
With its world-class COFRAC accredited testing centre, the Tesla Lab can perform all the test verifications required by standard IEC 61439 for assemblies up to 6000 A, 100 kA rms, 690 VAC or 1200 VDC.
Find out more about the Tesla Lab testing laboratory